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Topics covered for

Complete Course for CSIR June '21 - Life Sciences (Batch 3)

Life Sciences

Cell Communication & Signalling

Microbiology and Genetics
Pathogenicity and Host Response
Microbial Interactions
Clinic: Microbiology & Immunology
App. Environmental Microbiology

Cellular Organization

An Overview of Cell Research
Flow of Genetic Information
Protein Sorting and Transport
Cytoskeleton & Cell Movement
Plasma Membrane
Cell Cycle

Inheritance Biology

Ecological Principles

Ecosystem & Scope of Ecology
Biogeochemical Cycles
Ecosystem Development & Evolution

System Physiology-Plant

Methods in Biology

Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis

Fundamental Processes

DNA-Based Technologies
Genes and Chromosomes

Evolution & Behaviour

Theories of Evolution
Evidences for Evolution
Theories of Evolution

Applied Biology

Intro to Gene Cloning & DNA Ana.
App. of Gene Cloning & DNA Analy.

Molecules & Their Interaction

Bioenergetics & Mechanisms
Bioenergetics in Biochemicals
Structure and Catalysis
Overview of Metabolisms
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