Labour Welfare/IR/HRM


Human Resource Management

Conceptual Framework

Human Resource Planning

Job Analysis


Training and Development

Performance Management

Job Evaluation

Compensation Management

Employee Benefits & Incentives

Strategic HRM

Career Management

Human Resource Development (HRD)


HRD Mechanisms

HRD Culture

HR Accounting and Audit

Knowledge Management

Industrial Relations



Industrial Relations

Industrial Disputes

Central Labour Administration

Strikes and Lockouts

Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

Labour Legislation

Objectives, Principles

International Labour Organisation

Social Justice

Indian Constitution & Labour Laws

Factories Act, 1948

Mines Act, 1952

Inter-state Migrant Workmen

Contract Labour Act, 1970

Construction Workers Act

Labour Welfare

Theories and Principles

Industrial Accidents

Social Security

Labour Welfare Facilities

Labour Market

Demand and Supply of Labour

Indian Labour Force

Unemployment and Underemployment

Types of Labour Market

Indian Labour Market

New Dynamics of Labour Market