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Topics covered for Ascend for GATE 2023 (Electrical) - Batch H

Electrical Engineering

GA,GS and Mathematics

Practice & Strategy

Power Electronics

Power System

Signals & Systems

Electromagnetic Field Theory

Basics of Vector Calculus


Laplace’s & Poisson’s Equation


Time Varying Fields (Max. Equ.)

Uniform Plane Wave

Network Theory

Mesh & Nodal Analysis

Magnetically Coupled Circuits

Two Port Network

Transient Response Analysis

Network Theorems & Analysis


EE and ECE Meas. & Instr.

Indicating Instruments

Measurement of Resistance

Meas. of Ind. & Cap. (AC Bridges)

Electronic Measurement

Instrument Transformers

Error Analysis

Electrical Transducers

EDC & Analog Electronics

Material Science

Digital Electronics

Control Systems

Electric Machines



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