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Topics covered for Ambition for JAM'22 Chemistry - Rank Booster Batch I


Organic Chemistry

Stereochemistry of OC

Organic Reaction Mechanisms

Structure Determination of OC

Natural Products Chemistry


Oxidation and Reduction

Acids and Bases

Organic Reactive Intermediates

Determining Reaction Mechanisms

Named Reactions & Rearrangements

Organometallic Reactions

Pericyclic & Photochemical Rxn

Asymmetric Synthesis

Inorganic Chemistry

Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding

Shapes of Compounds

Chromatographic Separations

Intro to Inorganic Chemistry

Atomic Structure

Molecular Orbitals

Acids and Bases

Crystalline Solid State

Organometallic Chem.

Cluster and Cage Compounds

Hydrogen and Hydrides

Coordination Compounds

Physical Chemistry

Basic Mathematical Concepts

Atomic Structure

Theory of Gases



Surface Chemistry


Chemical Equilibrium

Quantum Mechanics

Solutions and Their Theories

Group Theory

Chemical Bond. & Molecular Struc.

Chemical Kinetics


Ionic Equilibrium

The Gaseous State

Phase Equilibria

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