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Topics covered for

60 days Iconic MSQs Batch for GATE 2021 (Civil)

Civil Engineering

Structural Analysis

Irrigation Engineering

Soil Moisture & Water Requirement
Canal Design
Seepage Theory
Gravity Dam
Miscellaneous Topics

Steel Structures

Structural Fasteners
Tension Members
Plastic Analysis

Engineering Hydrology

Reinforced Concrete Structure

Construction Material Basics
Design Philosophy
Design of Component
Other Design Criteria
Prestressed Concrete

Fluid Mechanics

Property of Fluid
Fluid Statics
Fluid Kinematics
Fluid Dynamics
Boundary Layer Theory
Open Channel Flow

Strength of Materials

Property of Metals
Shear Force and Bending Moment
Bending Stress
Shear Stress
Torsion of Shaft
Principal Stress and Strain
Deflection of Beam
Column and Strut


Compass Surveying
Traverse Surveying

Building Materials

Solid Mechanics

Environmental Engineering

Water Supply Engineering
Waste Water Engineering
Air Pollution

Geo-technical Engg & Found. Engg

Transportation Engineering

Highway Engineering
Railway Engineering
Airport Engineering
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