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Topics covered for

10 Months Foundation Batch Course for Prelims & Mains with Answer Writing


Indian Polity & Governance

Current Affairs

MP Specific Topics

NCERT Summary

Science & Technology

Other Topics

Indian Economy


International Institutions

Ancient History

Vedic Period
Jainism & Buddhism
Mahajanapadas Period
Mauryan Empire
Gupta Empire
Historiography of Ancient India
Sangam Period

Medieval History

South Indian Kingdoms
Delhi Sultanate-I
Delhi Sultanate-II
Vijayanagara and Bhamanis
Mughal Empire
Bhakti & Sufi Movement
Early Muslim Invasions
Maratha Empire

Modern History

The Revolt of 1857
Peasant Movements
Reform Movements
Political Associations Before INC
Revolutionary Activities
World War I & India
Era of Mass Nationalism Begins

World History

Post-Independence History

Art and Culture

Post Independence

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