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Spoken English for Beginners

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Started on 13 Jun 2022


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Shobha Vinod Kumta


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About this course

English communication skills are the need of the hour, whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman. We bring to you a course on Spoken English, intended for beginners, in collaboration with English Partner. This course will be delivered by qualified and experienced educators. Join this course and learn to communicate more efficiently, at work, in life, or in your studies.

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Shobha Vinod Kumta

Has 5 years of experience. Taught spoken English to 300 students, and guided them in improving their fluency.


In this course, you will learn phonetics, pronunciation of words, speaking skills, grammar, vocabulary and word recognition, oral expression of the language, and much more.

This course will act as a comprehensive guide for beginners who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English in the shortest time possible.

Learning English would help you improve your communication skills, widen your employment opportunities, give you enhanced access to world-class education systems and establishments, and increase your cognitive ability. It will also help you immigrate to English-speaking countries.

Learning to speak fluent English depends on so many factors like speech practice, consuming content in English (like reading, listening), and aptitude for languages. But be assured, our educators will strive to ensure that they identify all the challenges you face and address them comprehensively.

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