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Vijaynagar Empire : Part 3 (in Hindi)
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Part 3

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Abhishek Pandey
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sir tumi khupach sundar prakare pls governor general varti 1lecture ghya in deatail made..
Ho nkki... Thanks ☺
sir, kis dynasty Mae king and there children Jo unke name Ka title hae wo mother Kae name Kae title par rakhte the?
archipelago-a sea containing a small no.of scattered islands
Archipelago- a group of island and the sea around them.
Archipelago means an extensive group of islands.

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  4. Revenue Administration Land revenue was the main source of income. The land was carefully surveyed and taxes were collected based on the fertility of the soil Major importance was given to agriculture and in building dams and canals.

  5. Judicial Administration . The king was the supreme judge Severe punishments were given for the guilty. Those who violated the law were levied.

  6. Position of Women .Women occupied a high position and took an active part in political, social and .They were educated and trained in wrestling, in the use of various weapons of Some women also received education of high order. literary life of the empire. offence and defence, in music and fine arts. Nuniz writes that the kings had women astrologers, clerks, accountants, guards and wrestlers.

  7. Social Life The society was systemized. . Child marriage, polygamy and sati were prevalent. The kings allowed freedom of religion.

  8. Economic Condition . Controlled by their irrigational policies. .Textiles, mining, metallurgy perfumery, and other several industries existed. They had commercial relations with, the islands in the Indian Ocean, Abyssinia, Arabia, Burma, China, Persia, Portugal, South Africa, and The Malay Archipelago.

  9. Contribution to Architecture & Literature The Hazara Ramasami temple and Vittalaswamy temple was built during this period . .The bronze image of Krishnadeva Raya is a masterpiece. Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada literature were developed. Sayana wrote commentaries on Vedas. . Krishnadevaraya wrote Amuktamalyada in Telugu and Usha Parinayam and Jambavathi Kalyanam in Sanskrit.

  10. Decline of Empire . The rulers of the Aravidu dynasty were weak and incompetent. .Many provincial governors became independent. . The rulers of Bijapur and Golconda seized some areas of Vijayanagar.