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Time & Work : Part 3 (in Hindi)
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Part 3

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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9 question ka answer shi huaa hey
please stop using hii what's up that is really annoying
Sir in type no.5, Ques no.1 it says "A" always works with "B&C" then why are we making it work alone? please reply!
Sir in question 10 why u didn't multiplied work of B and C with 4 as A left 4 days before.
sir I enrolled late for course n now doing it so hv a doubt... in time & work part 3, question no. 8, you subtracted total work of (a+b+c) & c from 60 bt if we go by sequence of the question, first they 3 will do the work together & the remaining work will be done by (b+c) & when b will left eventually then c will do the further remaining work. so pls guide me whether m thinking in right way or what is my fault?
Pranali Akant
a year ago
coz if I did by my logic then got 14 days as answer bt u got 12 days as answer
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
you are right but I'm too. firstly a b c together work =30 then C done 10 work remaining work 60-40 which will completed by 20
Pranali Akant
a year ago
but sir if such situation arises in exam, which method should I follow yours or mine?
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
you're correct means whatever you have written in comment is correct. but procedure is my correct you're not getting the questions watch the solution once again
C left the work before 4 days C’s capacity is 3 so acc to capacity he would have completed 12 work which shifted to A and B because of him leaving Ab 12 work by A and B so 12/(5+4)+ 10 days although it’s 11 but coming in fractions 10 4/3 days Fine?
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  2. A o Doys 8:20 Doys A:12 5 3 30 : e

  3. A: 2 Days com piete So A24 5 competed ) 3 A+B+e, AL Sofh: A 12 84 36- Da