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Time and Distance : Part 7 (in Hindi)
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Part 7

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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thqu mam for making so gud lessons
i am curious to know why we neglected the bus length in question 6 ( type : 05 ) ?? is it because we took the relative speed ??
Abhishek Pandey
3 months ago
If theif start 10pm then time difference is 15h..... Sir thime will be 10am then difference will be 3 h????
In question 1 type 6 we calculated the distance need to be covered by the police as the distance travelled by the thief till 1 am but the thief must be running after 1 am as well, what about the distance travelled by the thief from 1 am till he is caught by the police?
In questions like type number 6, length of Bus and Car are to be neglected? and Consider them as pole or Man?
Sahil goyal
a year ago
because for crossing the BUS, it has to pass it just like we considered in trains concept.
Sahil goyal
a year ago