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Time and Distance : Part 6 (in Hindi)
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Part 6

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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7/10.... yes sir increase the no of ques.......... 5 from previous month for revision.......
Lokender Pal
2 years ago
I have created a course on "The Hindu Editorial March 2018 " you can check it out
sir, in type -5 ques no-1 there is a mistake. you change the speed value in m/s but later on u didn't multiple it with 18/5 for the conversion of km/hr. so answer should be in m/s right?
thank you so much sir ❤ I know you're very busy person.. even though a small mistakes are there.. I can understand them easily 😇
Abhishek Pandey
3 months ago
please let me know the mistakes.
In type 5 question 1 if we do it without changing the speed then what will be the ans mine is 26
In question 3 how is distance same
In question how is distance same
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  3. re eion in to see and2 sec 5 sec SoJh: an Tren stonce same 5 See 7:20 3