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Time and Distance : Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Part 2

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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Unacademy user
Is this course not meant for cds?
Abhishek Pandey
3 months ago
For cds too
sir in question no. 8 we are not using early and late concept in which for finding the distance we subtract in denominator. Here we are using normal distance finding formula in which we add in denominator. So is it subtraction in denominator in question no. 8 is correct??
Sir in Q no 6, why are we subtracting the two numbers in the denominator. According to what you have told us, Early & Late= Add.
SIR, in question number 8, why are we subtracting speeds in denominatior to find the speed. I am not getting this. shan't we consider that early and late concept in which speed is added?
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
Sahil goyal
a year ago
Sir, I dont think, "YES" as an answer would do.pls elaborate and If yes is the answer , then the speeds in the denominator for finding thr Speed must be added which is not done in the solution provided.
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
i told you one formula in initial slides that is what i am doing here alos
sir i am really glad that you are uploading the topics that i need...sir it is humble request that right after time and distance,if you could upload videos on two more topics i.e "age" and "profit and loss", please. I will be extremely thankful to you.
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