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The Beginners Guide on Job Details for SSC CGL Exams Episode 2
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Watch the full series here: WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP AFTER SSC. In this Session, you will know complete details on the SSC CGL job profile, Salary, Grands of Jobs, positions which are avaliable, Where will be the posting done and all of it. It is very IMPORTANT to know something before starting it. An easy detailed guide for beginners to prepare for SSC Clg exams online. With the help of these tips and tricks, the SSC CGL exam can be very scoring if tackled it wisely. Watch Ep 1 on The Beginners Guide - How to Start preparations for SSC CGL exams By Dr. Anshu Sheoran here You can find the entire course here: Download the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- Do Subscribe and be a part of the community for more such lessons here:

Dr Anshu Sheoran
Have qualified SSC CGL, HSSC PGT & TGT, SLET, CTET, KVS,SBI P. O. WRITTEN EXAMS. Top Unacademy educator 2017.

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MIDDLE CLASS : It is that section of the society that lies b/w the working class & the entrepreneurial class. Its composition is amorphous, nature is aspirational, desire is materialistic, attitude is conventional & dreams are hopeful. CHANGE IN ROLES: 1) After Independence, managerials, professionals, administrators etc have continued to flow from this class and played a major role in building the republic of India 2) After Globalization, as the economic growth pacified, the major contributor -the so called "Middle Class" underwent an aspirational change in its nature from favoring nationalism to individualism, where in the former pertains to inclusive growth while later was more concerned about exclusive growth of an individual . PROBLEMS OF CIVIL SOCIETY: 1) Now due to this change in role , the middle class activism is more concerned about themselves and matters of immediate concern rather than societal problems as a whole which is creating a wide gap among the middle class itself with affluent -educated-enabled middle class rising up the ladder of growth at a tremendous rate leaving behind the lower classes, marginals, other informal sector,rural poors etc far behind 2) Also, because of their self-centric, inward looking approach , it has made anti-minorityism more visible . For e.g. the use of social media to propagate hate politics against minorities especially Muslims by vested groups and trying to resonate it with the middle class sentiments is a dangerous development in this regard WAY FORWARD: 1) Middle class must hold the vigor to build and reform any civil society of a nation 2) Middle class with its rightful discretionary power should try to curb any sought of majoritarianism-social disorder building up in the society , by not allowing politically motivated ideas to pervade 3) and lastly, it should always look for inclusive growth in terms of education and income standards so as to make sure that even last man of the society is enabled for a better future
Kis kis posts me tier 3 tak hi exam hote hai ya fir sabhi posts ke liye tier 4 tak exam hoga ?????? Please reply