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Stages of Food Evolution: Gathering to Growing Food
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Agriculture changed the destiny of the man. It empowered him to sustain, survive in odds and free to think.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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22 nd March World Waters Day..
Q1. ans d.) 1, 2, 3 NCERT TEXT below they select those plants and animals that are not prone to disease. They also select plants that yield large-size grain, and have strong stalks, capable of bearing the weight of the ripe grain.
sir they also might have domesticated animals learn from them.e.g the domesticated cow to know which plants to eat and which are not poisonous. use as a bait.e.g they'll send a goat in order to capture tiger.
well thought!!
Answer for Q.2 is d. 1, 2 &3 DOMESTIC animals are different from their WILD ancestors, This is due to their suppression and dependence of human beings, which causes harmonal imbalances, resulting in smaller organs, than wilder varieties, Ex: Boar and Pig
great work sir.. keep going sir!
Sir, please provide summery of class 7th history ncert
  1. NCERT CLASS VI COMPLETE SUMMARY FOR UPSC CSE ASPIRANTS From gathering to growing food!! By Abhishek Srivastava

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: . Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Indian maritime University, Kolkata e Marine Engineer . Qualified for UPSC mains twice . Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty

  3. Previously...

  4. Evolution ... Domestication Of Animals Food gatherer Hunter Agriculture

  5. Varieties of food . Plants . Different plants and -Fruit -Veg animals required different conditions to survive Grains . Animals . Cannot be relied -Milk tile Meat...

  6. 10,000 BC ....climate changed

  7. Domestication .Plants and animals alsoAlso must have changed domesticated animals . Observations were . The first was dog.. .then sheep goat cattle... They became herders!! made ..especially seeds . Started protecting plants... Agriculture grew!!

  8. Domestication Process in which people grow plant and look . Generally they start standing out of the wild after animal variety

  9. Q.1 What characteristics in a plant would make it suitable for domestication? 1. Not prone to diseases 2. Yield large size grain 3. Have strong stalks a) 1&2 b)283 c)3&1 d)1 23

  10. Q.2 Consider following characteristics of tamed and wild varieties of same animal. Which all statements are true? 1. Tamed one is more gentle 2. Relatively gentle one are selected for breeding 3. Wild ones have larger teeth and horns a) 1&2 b)2&3 c)3&1d)1 2 3

  11. A new chapter started... . Agriculture has a gestation period . Also the crop needs to be cared watering, weeding, protecting So now a person cant leave!! SEDENTARY iving started SEDENTARY living started

  12. Early farmers and herders Burzahom rewWaber L e Burnt grains(may be River Mehrgah Koldihwairand Mahagara accidental) Bones of different Chiran Daojalianimals Hading Bay Of Bengal Arabi Hallur Sea Paiyampalli Andaman Sea

  13. Settled Life Earthen pots Decorated Stored things Cooking rice wheat and lentils Weaving cloth Different material -May be cotton also . Customs Less idea,..infered from present May have lived in groups called TRIBES...

  14. Tribes 2-3 generations lives in small settlement called village e Mostly related to each other . Occupation- farming, fishing, herding, hunting gathering

  15. Tribes .Division of labour Women-mostly agricultural work, -Children-look after crops,small flocks, cleaning and milking - Men-lead flock to search pastures . Men + Women- pots, basket, tools, huts e Singing dancing and hut decoration ation

  16. Levels- earlier and later 4

  17. THANK YOU Keep Learning !!!