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Solutions for Questions 51-60 UPSC Prelims Paper-I 2018
Question No :56 :Answer should be A As clearly defined in this article of Indian express. Please give a look . Article 110 of Indian constitution talks about Money Bill. Under Article 110(1) of the Constitution, a Bill is deemed to be a Money Bill if it contains only provisions dealing with all or any of the following matters: (a) the imposition, remission, abolition, alteration or regulation of any tax; (b) regulation of borrowing by the government; (c) custody of the Contingency Fund or Consolidated Fund of India, and payments into or withdrawals from these Funds; (d) appropriation of money out of the Consolidated Fund of India; (e) declaring of any expenditure to be expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of India or the increasing of the amount of any such expenditure; (f) receipt of money on account of the Consolidated Fund of India or the public account of India or the custody or issue of such money or the audit of the accounts of the Union or of a State; or (g) any matter incidental to any of the matters specified in sub-clauses (a) to (f)