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Simple Interest : Part 3 (in Hindi)
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Part 3

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Abhishek Pandey
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Sir, Do we have to solve mains previous year questions also? Please clarify..
For 1 year SI is ₹50 so for for 5 years it is ₹250 so principal= 2250-250=2000 which is correct as ur answer but when we find out the rate it is 1/2% how is it possible the rate should be same for both right?
Sir got it the SI for 2 years should be taken 100 in LHS and for 5 years should be 250 u might have mistakenly written there
you r finding direct ans. in question. 7 ans. is right but concept is wrong
sir in type 5 question 1st : principal is divided into two equal parts toh kya principal =4000 ?
SI- If a certain sum of money bocomes 8 times of itself in 3 years in how much time it will be 64 times of itself CI- If a certain sum of money becomes 3 times of itself in 8 years in how much time it will be 243 time of itself? sir dono me kese pta chlega konsa SI se or kon sa CI se bnana hai
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
hit and trial h isme.
Amit dwivedi
a year ago
🤔👍 thanku sir for your reply
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  2. A man lent out too etua sum in tio He addd Same ore me 8 s are dou he added Sob. 30Dylys 6186 6D

  3. 69* edan summon be come so Sah 64 SJ: 3P 20e 2 2 50 3 2 2