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Salient Features of Indian Constitution
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This lesson discuses the salient features of the Indian Constitution as stated in the book Indian Polity by M Laxmikant(4th Edition)

Prasanna Naidu
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capacitance? Dielectrics?😫😭
amazing course plz👍👍👍 keep it up
please share the pdf of all these lessons..
Prasanna Naidu
9 months ago
Contact unacademy, you can download it with your credits or simply take screenshots
can someone share pdf of all the lessons?​
Prasanna Naidu
a year ago
sure...Will get back to you on this.
K Arya
a year ago
already took screenshots ;)
Prasanna Naidu
a year ago
thats great :)
inconsistency of the courses is the core problem of unacademy.
Prasanna Naidu
a year ago
Very sorry. I will be completing the course. check out the recent lesson on Directive Principles.
Completed chapters of fundamental rights , nice video and very good tips for remembering the laws etc . Keep doing the great work , thanks.
  1. Factors responsible Lengthiest Wri itten Constitution Geographical Structural part Gol Act, 1935 American & Irish Philosophical part (FRs & DpSp) Political part(relations btw exec & legis) Other provisionsconstitutions of Cananda, Australa, British 3 tier Govt Dominance of legal luminaries Dual Polity 73rd Amendment Panchayats 74th Amendment- Muncipalities Drawn from various sources Germany, Russia France, Japan, South Africa and so on. Emergency Provisions Amendments not under Art.368 Rigidity & Flexibility Independent Bodies Article 368 2 types of amendments Special Majority (2/3rd & 50%) Special Majority & 1/2 of total Single Citizenship Federal features 2 Govt, division of powers, writter consti, supremacy, rigidity of consti, ind judiciary bicameralism Unitary or NonFederal features: strong Centre, single consti, single citizenship, flexibility of const integrated judiciary, all india services, etc. Universal Adult Franchise Salient Features Federal System with Unitary Bias A Secular State Parliamentary form of Govt Fundamental Duties Some Diff btw Indian & British Indian Parlia not sovereign like British republic monarchy Direcetive Principles of State Policy Fundamental Rights Integrated & Independent Judiciary 5 Synthesis of Parliamentary Sovereignty & Judicial Supremacy