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Rise of Mahajanapadas (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Rise of Mahajanapadas.

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Quasif Ansari
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vedic period is missing
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  1. Rise of the Mahajanpadas

  2. In the sixth century B.C. the ancient Indian history witnessed the establishment of the first territorial kingdoms and in the later phase urbanization and development of Indian culture. During this period of the ancient history 16 Mahajanpadas emerged between the Himalayas and the Narmada River. it witnessed the MAHAJANPADAS aNE GANDNARA KURU pANONA COBALA MALLAwDNA MAT"A AVANTI MAGADHA BAY OF BENGAL AMAKA ARABIAN SEA Ancient cites NDIAN OCEAN

  3. Mahajanapada Present Location AngaChampa India Magadha South Bihar Vajji Vaisali Bihar, India MallaKusinagar and Pavapuri Pradesh, India Kasi Benaras VatsaKausambhi KosalaShravastiLucknow, India PanchalaKampilya and AhichhatraRohilkhand KuruHastinapur Meerut MatsyaVirata Nagar Capital East Bihar, Rajagriha later Pataliputra North Uttar Varanasi Allahabaod Delhi- Jaipur

  4. Mathura Surasena Mathura ChediSukthimathiBundelkhand Avanti Madhya Pradesh AsmakaPodana Maharashtra GandharaTaxila Pakistan Ujjani KambojRajpur Kashmir The Mahajanpadas emerged due to the extensive use of the Iron in the parts of the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Due to the use of the iron the farmers started growing more and more products and the extra product was collected by the king to meet the needs of the administration and the army

  5. In the M disappeared and the was overtaken by the Parishad which consists of the small body of Brahmans Each state maintained its regular army which was under the military chiefs who are known as the Senapati and the other military officials. The revenues were also collected and to ensure the strengthening the administrative controls new legal codes were made and implemented. This period also saw the birth of the bureaucracy a ajanpadas the Sabha and the Samiti