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Question 41-50 : (in Hindi)
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Part 5

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
Prime Minister’s Scholarship awardee, has qualified UPSC CDS/AFCAT 6 times each, has cleared UPSC CAPF.

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Q Ans 1)a>d>c>b 2)b>d>c>a 3)d>a>b>c 4)b>d>c>a 5)c>a>b 6)c>b>a 7)2>1>3 8)CH3–C(NH2)(COONa)(ONa)
Megha Khandelwal
8 months ago
I have discussed the answers in the next lesson, please check.
please make more mock test for biology sir i score 9/50
Make one more mock test containing atleast 30 more questions
Harjit Singh
10 months ago
Yes sir make more questions on science
easy to learn ....rubber is obtained from have a Brazilian sis ( haveabraziliensis)
Abhishek Pandey
10 months ago
awesome !! Thank you :)
Sir make more questions on biology
go ahead brother, u r helping us a lot. make more videos
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