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Profit & Loss : Part 7 (in Hindi)
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Part 7

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
Top Educator in Defence Category. Movies, Music, Books.

Unacademy user
Q 3 incorrect statements but answer B is correct statements.
Abhishek Pandey
3 months ago
Come on Unacademy plus I am taking live classes there for maths.
Bro to be frank I can't shell out money at the point so that's why otherwise I would have, as I have already wasted it
Why you have taken 2x=32 because it is given that by selling 32 oranges not purchasing 32 oranges
sir type 8 question 3 agar hame CP =60 mil gaya h to jab hum SP nikalenge to we will take 20% profit on 60 why r we considering that 100 initial CP
in question 3 (3:30 of video),how the CP will be 60 after loosing 40%.,kindly comment.
Deepanshu Rawat
a year ago
yes i was also not able to understand that
Sahil goyal
a year ago
same question
Shakti Prasad Dash
10 months ago
same doubt.. please clear it sir...
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  3. 2. A man punchasu some no j 14 Solb Seth:3 36 . Aru. 5.1. Discount: L. Fird dusount 30 1.