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Profit & Loss : Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Part 2

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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47th article గురించి చెప్పలేదు
bc yeh wats up kya hota hain??
Sir, are the same course pattern (AFCAT) applicable for CDS Maths too?
Rupam Nimje
3 months ago
yes. they are useful for both exams. Try solving pyqs of both exams, you can easily solve them with these techniques. :)
look man u r really good at this. i understand everything what u teach. but i have one problem. stop saying this whatsapp whatsapp. stop this shit bro. i hate this. stop this. i get angry when u do this. i 'll beat u if dont stop this
sir in type 2 ques 3 how that mp = 4.5 came didn't understand the whole thing after that
Venkatesh Holla
a year ago
when profit is 2 units then discount is 1 unit so we need only 1 unit of profit so divide profit and discount by 2 then we get discount as 0.5. Market price= discount price + selling price in that way we get Market price as 4.5
  1. Complete Mathematics Course for AFCAT Exam By Abhishek Pandey

  2. 2. os on Sp oss .? SP loss-I. 20 Pe:o2 or Loss /. Soun

  3. SP 12 y D 6 0.3 3 0.15 4 0:15 3 OD 360 19 9 19