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Polity Revision-Part 2(In Hindi)
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Polity Revision-part 2(In Hindi)

Navdeep Kaur
Engineer,UPSC aspirant,Avid learner "A candle lose nothing by lighting another candle"

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  2. Q-11- Correct Statement? A-The 73rd and 74th amendment brought in changes in the levels of government. B-From a 2-tier government, it changed it to a 4-tier government, bringing a new level with each amendment. C-both correct D-both wrong Ans -a-The 73rd and 74th amendment brought in changes in the levels of government Q-12- At the time of enactment of constitution, the provisions which enabled a secular state were: A-Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy B-Fundamental Rights and DSP C-Fundamental Rights only D-Directive Principles of State policy only Ans- B-Fundamental Rights and DSP

  3. 13- The feature of Indian constitution borrowed from South African constitution is: A-Procedure established by law B-Procedure for amendment of constitution and election of Rajya Sabha members C-Method of election of President D-Joint Sitting of the Parliament Ans- B-Procedure for amendment of constitution and election of Rajya Sabha members Q-14- The words justice in the form of social, economic and political justice present in the Preamble has been taken from A-American Revolution B-French Revolution C-Russian Revolution D-None of the above Ans- C-Russian Revolution

  4. Q-15- The terms not introduced in the Preamble through the 42nd amendment are: A-Socialist B-Secular C-Integrity D-None of the above Ans- D-None of the above (A,B,C- All introduced) Q-16- Which case determined that the Preamble is a part of the constitution A -Berubari Union case B-Kesavananda Bharati case C-Golaknath case D-Minerva Mills case Ans- B-Kesavananda Bharati case

  5. Q-17- Correct Statements? A-Originally the constitution had 14 languages in the 8th schedule. B-Currently there are 22 languages with the last amendment being the 92nd amendment. C-both correct D-both wrong Ans- C-both correct Q-18- Correct Statements? A-The Ninth Schedule was added to protect laws and legislations from judicial review. B-The Supreme Court held that laws added after April 24h,1973 can be reviewed C-both correct D-both wrong Ans- C) Both are correct.

  6. 19- Correct Statement A. The Tenth Schedule contains provisions for Anti-Defection. B. Originally the tenth schedule was formed related to Sikkim but was repealed later after Sikkim was made a state. C. Both are correct D. Both are wrong Ans- Both are Correct Q-20- Article 21 declares that -No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.|] The protection under article 21 is: A. Against arbitrary legislative action. B. Against arbitrary executive action. C. Both A & B. D. None. Ans- Both A & B