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Pipe & Cistern : Part 3 (in Hindi
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Part 3

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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Unacademy user
sir can u explain in hindi please
sir type 9 question 2 pr A+ B PR 2 HRS MULTIPLE KAISI HUA
sir, is that material which you provide enough to exercise full attempt in afcat mathematics section??
Jayant Waldia
3 months ago
Yess Totally
Sir ek question h Two taps can fill a tub in 5 min and 7 min resp. A pipe can empty it in 3 min. If all the three are kept open simultaneously, when will the tub be full.
Abhishek Pandey
8 months ago
Nhi hoga kbhi fill.
Sagar Vats
8 months ago
ok sir
type-9 question-2 at (A+B) you multiple 9*2 but they only does work together for 1hour so 9*1 is correct there🤘🏻 final time to empty the tank will come 1:10pm🤘🏻 thanks for your lectures you are awesome teacher.
Tap a fills a tank in 10 hours and b can fill it in 15 hours. both are opened simultaneously. sometimes later tap b was closed, then it takes total 8 hours to fill up the whole tank. after how many hours b was closed?
Sonal Gupta
a year ago
sir this very similar to type 6 question but answer i am getting by using your method is not same please provide solution for the same.
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
after solving LCM part (3+2) * x + 3(8-x) = 30 5x + 24 - 3x = 30 2x = 6 x = 3 minute answer
Sonal Gupta
a year ago
sir why you minussed x from 8
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