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Percentage : Part 6 (in Hindi)
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Part 6

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Abhishek Pandey
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sir please give me your whatsaap mobile number
hey guys type 7 question no. 2 is having a slight mistake in the question itself and solution of this was given according to this question given below: to find the no. of males before the population change ? but the same question asked in this lecture legit and can be answered and it has a solution too and that is 6832 the present count of male population. i hope this helps if not then comment back I will explain this
Selva Raj
3 months ago
lecture is legit*
Abhishek Pandey
3 months ago
I have calculated the male popolation before. to calculate the current male population just multiply 108%
Selva Raj
3 months ago
I wonder if I am right ??
sir in type 7 question 1 the total increment of M and F will be 5 %+5%=10 % why have u considered only 5 %
Sir, in type 7 , Q. 1 we have to find no. Of M and F after one year, so isn’t it we have to take population 6500 instead of 6000? Please do reply sir.
in the last ques why we multiply by 100 to get the total votes when 20% didn't cast their. Multiplying by 100 will give us total no of voters but when 20% didn't vote shouldn't we multiply it by 80. please clarify my doubt.
sir in type 7 Q 2 we have to find present population of male so answer may be 6912 instead 6400
  1. Complete Mathematics Course for AFCAT Exam By Abhishek Pandey

  2. i, The Popudati on q town is 6 . 5.1 an 8-1 and males ane Fem eles 5a0 r1 . 3oc Male:

  3. 2. in an Jectian 2 candidtu j inan eded on 2 candidates So ": Selh valid vote80 Yo-/ CLOSS Valid vtes 80.