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Percentage : Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Part 5

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
Top Educator in Defence Category. Movies, Music, Books.

Unacademy user
aapke sath DNA ka gayan pana mere liye koi vardan se kam nhi hai , har issue ke piche ka kaya hota hai ye pata chlta hai , alot of thanks jatin sir
Sir its ok....human error😊
please explain again type 6 1st question
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
kya samjh me nahi aaya ?
Sarita Mothsara
a year ago
what is the final answer of it couldn't get through the process
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
Put the value in any equation
Rishabh Tyagi
a year ago
I think we have to suppose 'x' to be the total marks and not passing marks.
sir type 6, Q. 3. 360+50=410 hona chahiye aap ne 365 krrdiya galti se
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
haan correction hai change kr lo
Sir, type no.5 Q no-4 number of girls is 972 then what is x=486?
  1. Complete Mathematics Course for AFCAT Exam By Abhishek Pandey

  2. 3, fis 6 times as lange as TgPelo6 1 4 a sudert scores 25 . mants Then he Js ded So 6 6 6 Sol": 6 ./.- 6--3 ;Do y.s E 1871158 e S95

  3. utuderct score s he is dei SoJn SO Pendry marts = 12