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Percentage Basic Concepts Part-5 (in Hindi)
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This lesson will help you in understanding basic concepts of percentage with detailed explanation.

Surbhi bharti
BCA and Msc(cs) from Sophia girls' college (Ajmer)

Unacademy user
गुरुनानक जी के पुत्र ने कोन सा सम्प्रदाय चलाया था..??
Ashu Jindal
2 years ago
plz sir help me..
  1. Percentage For SBI/IBPS And all bank exams 2019

  2. lemgth and bueadth ol a nectangle become 207 the Xesulbont axea 25% Hespec live bthen ushald will be

  3. 4 1er4th and bueadth ol, a Heck angle becomes 20/ the Mesultont axea . 25% HespectiveDthen whaW wil be A3I OD loo 10O

  4. loo oo Rom devides his Lv the Hemaining anJu his younger then Hnd te pra opery so that his wife gets propvf

  5. Rom devides his Bvroporty so that his vwife jeks the teaiin and h s youngen i n ge oL then Hnd th eldex Son

  6. more than a thudmumbou, ,2t Percent is the Hiut othe econd?

  7. 5 3 more than a thixd numbei, uohat perent is the bout the second ?' o 20 lo I0

  8. A man spends 75% of his ncome, when his income. is noreaseol bq 2oz. he invreases his expendh holo much peucent at his *aviH loz. invtease 7

  9. 0885 A man spends 75x of his income, uwhen his income is ntease b 207 he increases his expendius Dw muc 7 InCome lod 15 12.0 EXP 75+7.SE 82.5 i5375 12 x 100-507. 2.5 25

  10. A man spends 75% of his income, when his;ncome lo/ inxea hoito much percent asu his savirs * 7 n come loo E x Savi 12.0 75 +7.S 82.5 37.5 25 12.5 x 100-507. 25 25 25 25

  11. 2 5 25 Ajoy Spends Go of his income into exspandilaus ,"his, income inlHeases by 15%, and his expendituu 5% what is the Savi ercentage in

  12. 100 2.0-75x10-200-750 x .250 50. 25 25 25 Ajay Spends Goz of his ncome into expenditurs his income inueases by 15% and his expendituku ikreases by 5%.hhat is fue inwease in h"s inpex centage 6o 63 40 52 12 exp Sav