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Overview lesson - Process Calculation
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In this lesson we discuss Overview of our course Process Calculation including target audience, course objective, important topics, important Books & best strategy for this subject.

Ajay Partap Singh
A-Grade Officer @ Numaligarh Refinary Assam(NRL), M.Tech @ IIT kharagpur and "B.Tech Gold Medalist".

Unacademy user
apke trick se padhane me bahut Maja aata hai sir
which m subbu book can I prefer?
Excellent notes plus teaching Sir..Plz provide all subjects strategy in this way only...
dear ankit go through available courses My available courses on "GATE- 2019 Chemical Engineering" 1) Mass Transfer 2) CRE kinetics of chemical run Ideal reactor Non-isothermal Reactor Non-Ideal Reactor 3) Process Calculation 4) Mechnical Operation 5) Heat Transfer Conduction & Convection Heat Exchanger 6) Plant Design & Economics 7) CH GATE-2018 complete paper solution 8) Everything you need to know about Gate Chemical Engineering
Ankit Joshi
a year ago
Sure Sir...
Ankit Joshi
a year ago
Plz tell which subject u completed fully according to gate syllabus..
Ankit Joshi
a year ago
I am little bit confuse
Whole syllabus is covered or some topics are left in this course??
covered entire course
for practice you can solve previous year questions
thank you!!
is this notes enough or should we follow any book.
theory part is enough but solve all previous year questions.
ok,thank you
Very Helpful sir
thanks you!
happy learning
stay tuned! More courses will be added soon.
Neeraj Bora
a year ago
ok sir
  1. Chemical Process Calculations for GATE-2019 (Chemical Engineering) Lesson 1: Course Overview

  2. jay Partap Singh Tech in Cheical Engineen@ I hara and old Melis passo HELLO!!! I am Ajay Partap Sing 8142 Mechanical Operation Doing in Chemical Engineering @ IIT Khargpur B. Tech Gold Medalist ay Partap Singh Hindi) Mechanical Operation-GATE 2019 deal Reactors ORE-1 Mad) GATE-Chemical Engineerng Heat Transfer FOLLOW FOR MORE LEARNING 13 Lessors

  3. Process Calculation for GATE-2019 (Chemical Engineering) Lime 80 CULIm pan ystallize , unacademy Centrituse Presented by: Ajay Partap Singh (IIT Kharagpur) Rotary filter or ystallizatiorn Filter cakeFor f

  4. Target Audience: GATE - (Chemical Engineering) aspirants All Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Students UPSC IFoS spirants

  5. Course Objective:- To Prepare yourself for upcoming GATE exam. To give fair idea about exam pattern and type of question asked. To provide simple explanation of all concept. Simple and easy approach to solve the objetive and numerical answer type (NAT) problem.

  6. Chemical Process Calculation!!! 2-4 Marks Topics Expected Marks Basics stoichiometry Material Balance Calculations without Chemical Rxn Use of Tie Components Material Balance Calculations with Chemical Rxn 1-2 2 2 Recycle, Bypass and Purge Operation 2 Energy Balance Calculations 2

  7. Important Books for CPC Book Stoichimetry & Process Calculations Process calculation Author by K.V Narayan & B. Laxmikutty By David M.Hi mmelblau

  8. Best Strategy 1) Notes (Theory+ Numerical) 2) Previous Year GATE Questions 2004-2018 Repeat this process 4-5 times GATE Questions 1990-2003 3) M subbu Book 4) Ram prasad objective Book 5) Example of Reference books

  9. GATE Syllabus 1) Introduction Concepts 2) Principles of stoichiometry (Units & Dimensions) 3) Application of Material Balance to Unit Operation 4) Material Balance Calculations without Chemical Rxn 5) Use of Tie Components 6) Limiting and Excess Reactants 7 Material Balance Calculations with Chemical Rxn

  10. 8) Recycle, Bypass and Purging 9) Calculation of Excess Air 1o) Orsat analysis for Combustion of solid , Liquid and Gas fuels 11) Energy Balance Calculations 12) Use of Mean Heat Capacity in Energy Calculation 13) Standard Heat of Reaction, Heat of Formation & Heat of Combustion 14) Gibb's Phase Rule & Degree of Freedom Analysis

  11. MYOTHER COURSES ON THE UNACADEMY Platform "CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING (CRE) GATE 2o18 Paper Solution Ajay Partap Singh By Ajay Partap Singh (Hindi) Solution of CH GATE-2018 Paper (Hindi) Chemical Reaction Engineering (Hindi) Mechanical Operation-GATE 2019 11 Lessons 22 Lessons 6 Lessons ratings -2 reviews 2 ratings-4 reviews Plant Design & Economics for GATE-2019 By Ajay Partap Singh Ideal Reactors CRE-1 (Hindi) HEAT TRANSFER-GATE Chemical Engineering (Hindi) Plant Design and Economics: GATE (Chemical) 13Lessons a 18 Lessons 20 Lessons