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Most Important Questions For CTET/DSSSB-2018| Lesson:02(in Hindi)
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This lesson or this entire course will help all those aspirants who are preparing for any teaching related competitive exam such as CTET/DSSSB/TETs/KVS etc.

Himanshi singh
A learner by nature, a teacher by profession, a YouTuber by passion! You can join the learning revolution on YouTube channel “Lets LEARN”

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very nice teaching style.. explanation too good....
Hi Himanshi, good job done. Do you have any PDF material regarding your all practicing and videos? Kindly share if it is available. Thanks a lot in advance
mam kvs mein PGT ke liye MSc and bed( appearing last year) eligible or not????? plzzzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyyy
Action research - Stephen m Corey ?? Isn’t it plzz clear the doubt
the term is coined by Kurt n in education used by Stephen m core
Hie himanshi ... Apne live video me btaya tha ke Apke sir class le rhi hai dsssb or ctet ke .. toh ye class kha ho rhi hai .. I mean location
TAT ..morgon and murrey .....vvvvvv helpful videos mam ..thanks a lot ...ap puri seres krwa dijiye mam ...

  2. Let's LEARN! Something About Me This is HIMANSHI SINGH . Have keen interest in Psychology. . Pursuing Eng. Hons. From Delhi University. I've done D.El.Ed from Delhi. I have a YouTube channel named "Lets LEARN".

  3. 26. Action research is given by- Kurt Lewin 27. Micro-teaching is invented by- Dwight W. Allen 28. Experiential learning is given by- David Kolb 29. Learning through experience is given by- John Dewey 30. How many Learning styles are there in experiential Learning- 4 31. Concept of vicarious learning is given by- Albert Bandura 32. Hierarchy of learning is given by- Gagne 33. Hierarchy of needs is given by- Abraham Maslow

  4. 34. First laboratory of psychology in India was opened by- S.N. Sen Gupta Kolkata(1916). 35. Positive, negative and zero transfer of learning is given by- Edward Lee Thorndike 36. Sudden development in adolescence- Stanley Hall. 37. Author of adolescence- Stanley Hall 38. Third Force of Psychology- Humanism 39. The three need theory is given by- David McClelland 40. Achievement motivation is given by- McClelland & Atkinson 41. Emotions are caused by our interpretation of bodily reactions- James-Lange Theory

  5. 42. Thalamic theory of emotion is given by- Cannon-Bard. 43. Word association test is given by- Galton. 44. Socio-metric test of personality is an- Objective Method of assessment. 45. Sheldon gave three types of personality- Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph. 46. How many approaches of personality distribution are there- 2 47. Superiority & Inferiority complex are given by- Adler 48. How many cards are there in Thematic Apperception Test- 30+1. 49. Father of Individual Psychology- Adler. 50. 16 personality factor test is given by- R.B. Cattell

  6. "Be your oun constant" -Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN!