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Mixture & Alligation : Part 4 (in Hindi)
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Part 4

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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sir..the question was 48% (of) total vote..then we followed the procedure of (from , direct minus).. i think that (of) should be (from).. may be I'm wrong..plz check this once
M S Mustafaa
8 months ago
Ok...I will check & reply
Rounak Dey
8 months ago
thank u
your all slides are too helpful.Thanks a bunch for that.are there any videos for Trigonomentry you have prepared for CDS?
in type 7 why did we take the average ??
sir, In Typer 7, I solved by unitary method but answer is different. lets total boys be B and then total girls will be (65-B). now 80*B + (65-B)30=3900 therefore B=35 and girls=30 Pls check
Aamir Suhail
a year ago
b=39 hoga bro its yor calculation mistake check it once again
Sahil goyal
a year ago
thank you bhai
type 8 qns 1 me agar 2 more times k badle bs 2times likha hota to n k value 3 hoti k value 2 hoti sir??
Prashant Gupta
a year ago
2 hoti bcs only 2 bolta means once he taken first when replace with water and then another more one time.