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Mixture & Alligation : Part 3 (in Hindi)
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Part 3

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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Unacademy user
hellow mam university rankings so useful thank you mam
sir in this type 5, can we take value of water is 0 instead of 30
sir, If we are taking percentage of milk and water taken out, then the ratio 5:3 is also of the milk and water taken out and not of the milk and water present in the mixture. pls clarify
In type 5 question 2 we also has to find the value of 4x+11x=56/3 as we do erlier in question 1 ? ?
Ashk Sawarkar
a year ago
i had the same question sir ...dont we have to do the steps we did in previous question??
sir in type5 q1 in some books 45 is taken as mid value i.e the amount that is full which is correct??
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
mine is correct.
OK sir tq
  1. Complete Mathematics Course for AFCAT Exam By Abhishek Pandey

  2. TyPe: 05 3 D

  3. Second 25-. milk. ard in se cond one pe secnd one in 25 30 32 25 3