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Mixing of Mixtures
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This lesson covers the special types of questions in which different components are mixed to produce a new mixture. We come to know the method to be applied to handle such questions.

Abhishek Kumar
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very nyc ...the way so explain things so easily...really doing😊
Abhishek Kumar
a year ago
hi sir nice class but i need english concepts for all baks
Abhishek Kumar
2 years ago
Sorry I didn't get you. plz explain
Sir in Part 3 problem number 4.How does (12/5)+9/10 and (3/5)+(11/10) becomes 24+9 and 6+11..My question is how does 12/5 becomes 24 and 3/5 becomes 6?
Lokesh Meena
2 years ago
listen buddy in above video sir wrote 3(4/5)+2(9/20) for milk and 3(1/5)+2(11/20) for water so first solve for milk 3(4/5)+2(9/20) -> 12/5+9/10 -> by taking LCM of 5 and 10 it makes it (24+9)/10 -> 33/10. for water 3(1/5) + 2(11/20) -> 3/5+11/10 -> by taking LCM it gives (6+11)/10 -> 17/10 by taking ratio of both it gives 33:17

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  4. PROBLEM:3 Two vessels A & B contain milk and water in the ratio 7:5 and 17:7 respectively. In what ratio mixtures from two vessels should be mixed to get a new mixture containing milk & water in the ratio 5:3 Soln: Take milk fraction We now apply alligation rule on these fractions 7 12 17 24 A &B 5 8 2. 24 24 or So. Ratio of A: B2 : 1 A

  5. PROBLEM:4 Two vessels A & B contain mixture of milk and water in the ratio of 4:1 and 9:11 respectively. They are mixed in the ratio of 3:2. Find the ratio of milk and water in the resulting mixture. Soln: Milk 4/5 9/20 Water 1/5 11/20 Mix Mix Mix Mix 3*(4/5)+2* (9/20) (12/5)+(9/10) 24+9 6+11 17 So the ratio of milk and water is 33:17

  6. PROBLEM:5 A person has two solutions of sugar with 30% and 50% concentrationrespectively. In what proportion should he mix two solutions to get 45% concentration in the resulting mixture? Soln: 30% 50% 45% 5% 15% So the required ratio is 5:15 i.e. 1:3


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