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Mcq 6(in Hindi)
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  1. transmission uation allows highest 21. transmission rate (a)Frequency (b)Amplitude (c) Phase (d)All of these

  2. 22. In VSAT network, inroute transmission uses- (a)TDMA (b)FDMA (c)TDM (d)Only (a) and (b)

  3. 23. Full form of TDMA is (a)Transmitted Data Multiple Access (b)Transmission Division Multiple Access (c) Time Division Multiple Access (d)Time Division Multiplexing Act

  4. 24. Full form of FDMA is (a)Frequency Division Multiple Access (b)Financial Data Multiple Access (c) Financial Data Multiple Act (d)Fund Division Multiple Access

  5. 25. VSAT network is a network for banks and financial institutions which uses- (a)Open User Groujp (b)Closed User Group (c) Distributed User Group (d)Computer User Group

  6. 26. Application of VSAT in bank is- (a)Inter branch recognition (b)Funds and Securities Movement (c) Payment System & Monitoring (d)MIS Reporting

  7. 27. Full form is ERNET is- (a)England's Remote Network (b)Engineering and Research Network (c) Educational and Research Network (d)None of the above

  8. 28. Which of the following items is not used in Local Area Networks (LANS)? (a)Computer (b)Modem (c) Printer (d)Cable

  9. 29. During networking, the processor of the CPU asking each terminal whether it wants to send a message is called (a)Querying (b)Sharing (c) Communicating (d)Polling

  10. 30. Who invented the modem? (a)Wang Laboratories Ltd (b)AT & T Information System, USA (c) Apple Computers Inc (d)Digital Equipment Corp.