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India's Concern With Russia and Importance of Russia for India
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India's Concern with Russia and Importance of Russia for India

Akash Agrawal
IRS ( IT ) | Guinness Book of World Records in Solving Rubiks' Cube | IIT Bombay Alumnus .

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  1. INDIA-RUSSIA Relations By : Akash Agrawal

  2. India's concerns with Russia Russia-china relation . India's concerns vis- -vis its once "trusted strategic partner" include its present tilt towards China with which India has a difficult relationship mainly due to an unsettled border dispute and Beijing's close ties with Pakistan . Russia-Pakistan relation . Last year, Russia held its first ever military exercises with Pakistan, raising concerns in India. . Russia did not back India's demand to name two Pakistan-based terror groups as perpetrators of terrorism against India last year at the Goa BRICS summit did not go down well with India. . Issue of Terrorism . There are divergences between New Delhi and Moscow on terrorism emanating from Pakistan and Afghanistan as well with Russia favouring a role for the rebel Taliban in a future Afghanistan against the rise of the Islamic State in the war-torn country

  3. Russia's concerns with India . On its part, Russia has been concerned at the rapidly warming ties between India and the US including the recent signing of a military logistics agreement. . Convergence of interests . Both India and Russia have now realized that in their quest for global power status, it is imperative that they restore the climate of intimate friendship. Importance of India for Russia . A market for its goods to bypass Western sanctions imposed after its power push in Ukraine. . The forthcoming Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership driven by the US will also force Russia to eye markets beyond Europe. India is a natural partner . Despite its renewed friendship with China, Russia will soon find itself in competition with it as Beijing regards itself as the new G2 along with the US. India can help provide the multi-polarity that Russia fiercely seeks.

  4. Importance of Russia for India . It can meet its abundant energy requirements at a cost-effective price. . Despite expanding its defence purchases from the US, Israel and Europe, India still needs to collaborate with Russia to master future technology including for space . It improves India's bargaining power when it negotiates arms sales with the West. . Russia can be a major market for Indian industry such as pharmaceuticals, manufactured goods, dairy products, bovine meat and frozen seafood. . Geopolitically, Russia continues to be a balancing force against any designs China and Pakistan may have in our region.

  5. RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VISIT TO INDIA . The Russian President visited India for the 17th bilateral summit between India and Russia. . PM Modi highlighted the "special and privileged strategic partnership" between India and . Russia by quoting that, "An old friend is better than two new friends." . Key Highlights of the Bilateral Summit . Cross Border Terrorism- Condemned unequivocally and sealed a deal on 'information security' to counter terrorism, drug trafficking and other illegal cross-border activities . Defence Sector- Agreementto buy Russia's most advanced S-400 'Triumf' anti-missile defence system, to manufacture Kamov-226T utility helicopters and four improved Krivak or Talwar class stealth Regional Integration and Trade- Emphasize on implementation of the International North- South Transport Corridor (INSTC). . Infrastructure and Technology- Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to invest in a sub- fund under the National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) of India.

  6. Nuclear Power Project- Modi and Putin both jointed declared the second unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (Units 5 and 6). . Russian Largest FDI in India- Russian oil firm Rosneft and United Capital Partners signed an agreement to acquire Essar Enegy Holdings Ltd's refining and retail assets at $10.9 billion, making it Russia's largest foreign direct investment in India. . PM MODI VISIT TO RUSSIA . Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in St Petersburg for the 18th India-Russia annual summit as well as the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. . St Petersburg Declaration . Marking 70 years of diplomatic ties, India and Russiasigned the St Petersburg Declaration. .The Declaration was signed following the annual bilateral summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  7. MoUs/agreements signed during the PM visit to Russia India and Russia reaffirmed their "special and privileged strategic partnership" and signed five pacts. . The program of cultural exchanges between the Ministry of Culture of the Russia and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of India for 2017-2019 . The General Framework Agreement for the construction of the third stage of the Kudankulam NPP (KK5 & KK6) along with the Credit Protocol. Agreement between the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and the Council of India on Scientific and Industrial Research on granting access to Rospatent experts to the Indian Digital Library of Traditional Knowledge (TKDL). . The contract between JSC (Russian Railways) and Indian Railways on the preparation of the justification for the implementation of the high - speed service at the Nagpur- Secunderabad Section.

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