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How to Prepare GK for Haryana State Examination (in Hindi)
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How to prepare GK& Haryana GK in HPSC exams-

Sohan singh
Appeared in 4 times CSE mains & 2009 interview ! Appeared in HCS mains Haryana ! Select in District Court ! 8 year teaching Experience.

Unacademy user
i agree that heat is generated from the back side of the refrigerator due to which the room temperature increases, but we also have the door of the refrigerator open hence we have cool air from the refrigerator also interacting with room temperature, can you please explain me on this.
Chirag Agghi
2 years ago
According to first law, energy can neither be created nor destroyed , it can transform from one system to another. Suppose if i take room in which refrigerator is placed as a system, now see how energy is transferred, the electrical energy is transffered to the refrigerator and as per first law, the energy content of the room should be equal to the transferred electrical energy, where will this energy go ? It won't get stored in the compressor motor, this energy must be in the room as heat and that too will be equal to the electrical energy taken by the refrigerator.