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Courses to be Followed for Main Examination
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In this Lesson We Discuss about the Courses Which can be followed for Understanding the IT Officer Examination starting from strategy to Topics and some latest Technologies.

Aviral Bajpai
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  1. Notification for SPL IT OFFICER EXAMINATION 2018

  2. Hello I am Aviral Bajpai You Can Follow Me @ImAviralBajpai

  3. OBJECTIVE Course is dedicated to help in understanding notification of the examination.


  5. Aviral 17,325 credt OBJECTIVE fyou think that the intermet has changed your life, think again. The loT is about to Course is dedicated to help in underst anding of type of questions asked in the examinat ion obectve Brendan OBrien in Aviral Bp BPS IT Specialist Officer 2012 Complete Solved Paper In in y Aviral Bajpal (Hindi) Professional Knowledge Topics (IT) Internet of Things Lessons Lessons Lessons RRO ratings ev ratings O review ratings Orevien

  6. | unacademy Avital Explore v Qsarencourses Topes&Educators 17325 credits OBJECTIVE Couese s Dedicated to Help tn Objective of In Avial Bajpal Concepts of Cloud Computing Technology In By Aviral Bajpal Professional Knowledge Topics (IT) in (Hindi) IT Specialist Oficer Preparation Strategy 10 Lessons Lessons 7 Lesson ratings 1 reviews ratings 0 reviews ratings 1 reviews

  7. OBJECTIVE By Aviral Bajpai IT Specialist Officer. Preparation Strategy 7 Lessons 22 ratings-1 reviews

  8. Aviral 17,325 credits Lessons ( evis D) vview of the Course ha with Structure of Ex Strategy for Quantiative Aptitude Section In Aviral Bajpai 448 Folowers 14 Following Sategy for English Section Stategy for Resoning Section Sprategy for Professional owledpe( LearnerEducator CS Enginee ody Material Book More esons ae yet be added Contnboe to Avira

  9. Aviral unacademy ExploreSearch Courses Topics& Educator 17,32s credits Professional Knowledge Topics (IT) 4.7 * . 3 ratings . O reviews This course covers ail the important Topics of professional knowledge relating to IT Officer Examination in l6PS/S8i Add to list eviw Ovev Share with friends Networking System Operating Systems Software Engineering In Aviral Bajpai Network Security 48 Followers14 Following OOPS, Data structure and Algorithms Learner lEducator CS Engineer other IT Professional Topics

  10. IBPS IT Specialist Officer: 2012 Complete Solved Paper 5.0 -1 ratings. 0 reviews In this course Aviral covers the complete question paper with proper explanation Add to list Lessons (6)ws 1. Overview 5m 26 Share with friends 2 Q1-Q10 (2012 Paper) 13m 14 3. Q11- Q20 (2012 Paper) 14m 26 in Aviral Bajpai 448 Followers 14 Following 4. 21-Q30 (2012 Paper) 12m 25 5 31-Q40 (2012 Paper) 13m 22s Learner Il Educatorll CS Engineer 041-Q50 (2012 Paper) 0m 529