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Sachin bhaiya, are the Organic Revision videos on your YouTube channel enough for JEE Main/BITSAT revision purpose. Do I need to do something other than that for JEE Main Organic? For JEE Adv, I am following your Unacademy course but will continue that after my JEE main on 8th April. Please revert ASAP.
Shubham ranjan
6 months ago
I know it`s bit late to answer but for anyone reading this, mark my words :- During my preperation I never tried to study OC as I found it too boring and irrelevant .......time passed and I finally ended up completing my syllabus but unfortunately whenevery I saw any question of OC [literally any question even if it was of Carbocation rearrangment ] I would skip it but , one fine day in the month of october I came accross this youtube channel name Sachin Rana and from there I got to know about Unacademy and finally that day I started my OC prepration without any hope or expextion but..... after his first lesson onalkane got over i understood many things and decided to make notes of the lecture and finally within next 10 days I finsihed the entire syllabus of OC availkable on this channel . and the for next 1 and half months I revised the concept read NCERT and also understood many mechanism and then in last few months I belive that my view regarding OC has changed a lot and one more thing I didnt practiced 1000s of question but certainly I solve 1500 selcted problems book by arihant and to give some more insight to the profit it got:- 1.OC test held in my coaching [Adv. level] I scored 105/160 . 2.solved previous year jee adv. paper [CHEM] was able to solve all organic chemistry question except 1 and all were correct too. CONCLUSION:- 1.YES VIDEOS OF SACHIN SIR ARE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND OC 100% AND TO SCORE 80% 2. REMAING 20% CAN BE DONE BY SOLVING SOME GOOD PROBLEMS