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Compound Interest : Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Part 5

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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Unacademy user
Abhishek Dass
2 years ago
welcome watch other chapters as well
shouldn't we divide rate by 4 as described in previous lecture
respected sir, in question no 1 type 4 , why have you taken roots .if the no. are not perfect square what would we do ? kindly explain.
Abhishek Pandey
10 months ago
they will ask question in this format only.
sir in type 5 how can we identify that whether they are asking for SI or CI
in type 4 ques, you have mentioned that when being compounded quarterly we divide the rate of interest by 4. then why have we multiplied 5 by 4 in ques no 4?
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
because that is after applying quaterly concept but we have to find the original value.
okay thanks a lot
Selva Raj
3 months ago
sir can you more specific I can't understand this ??
Selva Raj
3 months ago
sir in type 4 ques 4, rate would be 5/4% or 5×4=20% coz in previous question we always divide the rate by the time
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