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Compound Interest : Part 4 (in Hindi)
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Part 4

Abhishek Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Pandey
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Thank you sir for this lectures. I am eagerly waiting for next lectures. Please upload all. Thank you sir. If you make this type courses on other gs subjects, it will be very helpful.
type 3: question no. 2 Sir answer is correct but if I'm not wrong the method is not completely right. principal should be (20)^4= 160,000 and then we proceed further in usual manner
Abhishek Pandey
4 months ago
That is different method.
Selva Raj
3 months ago
@akanksha Mishra I went with that earlier method and I got the same answer but the thing is you need to be very careful while assigning interest on interest.. well this compound tree has 4 levels 1st level sum = 32,000 2nd level sum = 2400 3rd level sum = 80 4th level sum = 1 there fore C.I = 34481 units as principal is (20)^4 = 160000units and p= 8000rs 160000 units = 8000rs 1 unit = 1/20 now C.I = 34481 units = 34481x(1/20) C.I = 1724.05 AND the 1st level sum is nothing but your simple interest S.I = 32000 units = 32000 x(1/20) = 1600 Rs now the difference part CI - SI = 1724.05 - 1600.00 = 124.05 Rs therefore, both the methods leads to the same answer thank you
quetion no 9 si is wrong
In type 3 ques 2 , my answer is 123.05.Please crosscheck and respond.Very nice video.Thank you.
Selva Raj
3 months ago
if you are going by the earlier method then the division would be 34481/20 = 1724.05
Selva Raj
3 months ago
for calculating CI
you can solve question number 2 as question number 1 I have taught you two different approaches.
Santosh Yadav
a year ago
as per the second approach the principle should be 20*20*20*20.... and by 1st approach how can we find the difference of CI & SI
sir in Q9 SI is 108 not 226, if I am correct...
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