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Characteristics of Living Beings( Part 4) (in Hindi)
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Characteristics of Living Beings Part 4

Juhi Mishra
JAI HIND 🇮🇳 M.Sc Botany(gold medalist)CET,DCA,B.Ed. Be Best In BIOLOGY Follow & Subscribe 🎯NEET

Unacademy user
Sir, I get confused when options contain unions between two ranges eg. 1 option is (<4/3) lets say and 2 option is (-infinity, -4/3]u[4/3, infinity) . any short approach to know which one is right among these kinds of similar options?
Nilanjan Dutta
a year ago
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awsm mam concept clear lecture thank you mam
mam dead body ki entropy zyada hoti h ya living body ki?
mean coma is biological death????
Juhi Mishra
a year ago
No, coma is brain damage, a prolonged unconsciousness. If person not wake from coma then he will undergo biological death
Madhu Sachan
a year ago
Done mam 👍. Thank you 🙂
Juhi Mishra
a year ago
concept clear theory
Juhi Mishra
a year ago
Thank you

  2. TARGET AUDIENCE Aspirants of Nest ATIMS& Other Competitive Sxam living beinsCo ry

  3. PART 4 Charateristics Of livin beines ina Seinas

  4. CREDENTIALS M.Sc. Botany Gold Medalist CET,DCA,B.Ed Juhi s.Mishr Bio Educator on Upacademy 7 yrs Teaching Experience

  5. HOMEOSTASIS It is a property of all living organismshomois -alike, statis standing. Maintenance of a favorable dynamic constancy of internal environment despite changes in the external environment is called homeostasis.

  6. It is carried out by regulatory mechanisms which coordinate internal functions such as providing nutrients to cells and transporting substances. Some organisms attain homeostasis be adapting to change in temperature, salinity and other aspects of environment e

  7. This process occurs at all levels i.e. from cellular level to ecosystem level. The term 'homeostasis' are used by Cannon (1932) Most of the known homeostasis occur through modes of

  8. 1. Maintenance of an internal environment 2. Self -regulatory mechanisms using genetic clock

  9. 3. Feedback system (in which the rate of the product formation is regulated by gathering information about the amount left out at any time). They generally involve switching on and switching off mechanism operating at different levels in all organism

  10. DEATH Ageing is a progressive deterioration of structure and function of cells, tissues and vital organs so, that the ability to repair and resist disease declines. It leads to death. Death is stoppage of life