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Chapter 3 : Saul Bellow (in Hindi)
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Discussion of Saul Bellow and his major works

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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  1. SAUL BELLOWW (1915-2005)

  2. Son of Russian immigrant Jews, Bellow was born in Canada Later he shifted to Chicago and studied anthropology. During Il WW, he served as a merchant marine . With the publication of his first novel, Dangling Man (1944), he steadfastly wrote novels and emerged as the greatest Post War American novelist. He won Pulitzer for Humboldt's Gift (1975) and eventually was awarded the Noble prize in 1976 .

  3. Novels and novellas Dangling Man (1944): written in the form of a journal by the protagonist, Joseph, between December 15, 1942, and April 9, 1943. The Victim (1947) The Adventures of Augie March (1953) National Book Award for Fiction Inspired by Huck Finn, this is a bildungsroman, the story of cynical Augie March before and after the Great Depression years. It is written in the picaresque manner.

  4. Seize the Day (1956) The novel describes one single day in the life of lommy Wilhelm, a failed actor who is living in a hotel room, estranged from his wife and children Henderson the Rain King (1959) Loosely inspired by Don Quixote, it recounts the misadventures' of an elderly man Henderson during his travels to some African tribe. He is aided by a local guide, Romilayu During his travels he meets many many tribes and eventually return to his home.

  5. Herzog (1964), National Book Award the story of Moses Elkanah Herzog, a divorcee who writes letters to friends, dead relatives, public figures and philosophers but never posts them. During the course of the novel he unsuccessfully tries to find solace in company of Ramona, his girlfriend; to win custody of his daughter, June; to reconnect with his son, Marco; intends to kill his divorced wife Madeline and her husband Valentine, meets an car accident with June at his side, taken into prison and later bailed out by his brother. In the end he moves in with Ramona and cured of writing letters.

  6. Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970), National Book Award In the course of three-day adventure Sammler, a survivor of Holocaust, and a, "registrar of madness", experiences death threats from a "Negro" deviant, engages in a philosophical conversation his scientist friend, and makes an unsuccessful attempt to visit his dying nephew. The novel ends as Sammler helplessly stands at the bedside of his dead nephew and trying to pray. Humboldt's Gift (1975), Pulitzer Prize 1976 The novel is about Von Humboldt Fleischer, a writer and Charlie Citrine another writer and the narrator of this novel. Reading the book 'The Harlequin Ballads' by Humboldt, Charlie goes to meet him and makes him his mentor. At present, Charlie is in mess with his life, having affair with a young woman, Renata & tackling a mobster Cantabile. Thinking about death becomes an obsession for Charlie. He has a homosexual affair with a young man and finally finds himself trying to cope with the problem of being an artist.

  7. The Dean's December (1982) Albert Corde and his wife, Minna, comes to Bucharest to meet Valeria, Minna's mother to be with her during the last days of her life. The narrative shifts between Chicago and Bucharest. It presents two counter ideologies: a totalitarian communist regime & American anarchic free state More Die of Heartbreak(1987) A Theft (1989) The Bellarosa Connection(1989) The Actual (1997)

  8. Ravelstein (2000) A tale of a friendship between a university professor, Ravelstein and a writer. Ravelstien asks the narrator to write a memoir about him. After his death, the narrator and his wife go on holiday to the Caribbean. The narrator catches a disease and flies back to the United States to recuperate. After getting healed he decides to write the memoir. The novel is a roman clef as the character of Ravelstien is based on the philosopher Allan Bloom.