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Basics of Thermal Stress (in Hindi)
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Basics of thermal stresses with the involvement of physics

Ankit Verma

Unacademy user
How to do square root of numbers containing n digits (Where n>4) using the method described here?
Utimate sir I was very confused with thermal stresses questions after going through your videoo every doubts cleared I think feeling happy now
Sir your lectures are very good!!! Please make lecture on princple stress and strain chapter
Ankit Verma
9 months ago
Thanku fir ur appreciation..i will soon upload a complete course on machine design for all the competitive exams
Ankit Verma
9 months ago
For principal stresses u can search on youtube engineering tutor .. this is my youtube channel wha miene ache se btaya hai jo jo dikkat hoti hai nikalne mai
Sir thanks a lot , abhi tak itna simplicity ke sath kisine video nahi banaya . ty ankit sir
Ankit Verma
9 months ago
The class is here !!! best of luck for new beginning.
sir u r great ... please make more video
Ankit Verma
9 months ago
Today i will uoload more on this topic
  1. Concept of Thermal Stresses Defination * when a. Material underyoes change in tewp It Etther Elongates, or Contracts Dependin ubon whether tem. is Increased or Decresed IF he glongetion or Combtracton it nut Restricted, i%, free Then the Material, does met Experiene any stres BUT UNDERGOES STRAIN

  2. Strain due em. change Thernal Strain (E) Chamge Cof of hermal f The free Expansion when Restrained Induces stress m the MatriaL t Is Reffered as THERNAL STREsS

  3. strain Serene. %urg's Modulus ERBT! Most Imp Point to note:- It produce Same Effect as Mech. Stru with T Compressive Stress Thermel. Young3 S< Chamge in lenght Develops Compressive sergs AShot on OnePlus By ankit