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Basics of Quadratic Equation
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This lesson starts with the basic fundamentals of quadratic equation. The standard form of the equation is explained here. The lesson gives the basic method of solving the questions.

Abhishek Kumar
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nice work you are my favourite teacher
This is a very good introduction to the concept. It's good to refresh and reinforce concepts once in a while. Cheers!
  1. Quadratic equation (Basics) Presented by: Abhishek Kumar

  2. About me: Cleared Bank Of Baroda PO Cleared SSC CHSL Cracked NDA,AFCAT exam Attended SSB thrice Currently working in IBM India Follow me: Contribute

  3. General form of a Quadratic Equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 Quadratic equation means that it will definitely have the maximum power of the variable as '2" which means we will always see ax2 term in a quadratic equation. Or we can say that b can be 0, c can be 0 but a will never be 0

  4. Methods Of Solving quadratic equation >Middle term Splitting > By formula

  5. Middle term Splitting Example: 2x2 +11x + 9 = 0 Solution: 2x2 +2x + 9x + 9 = 0 2x(x+1 ) +9(x+1) = 0 (x+ 1 )(2x+9)=0 x =-9/2-4.5 and x =-1

  6. By use of formula Example: 4x2 +7x-2 = 0 Solution: 4x2 +7x -2 Example: 4x2+7x -2 acy]/2a x-(-7 M72-4*4*-2)]/24 x=[-7 978 x=-16/2 and x=2/8 x--2 and 0.25 x=(-7-9)/8 and x=(--749)/8 x--2 and

  7. Actual question asked in exam Q) I" x2-5x + 6 = 0 Il. y2ty - 6 0 Solution: Solving equation I: x2-5x6 0 x(x-3)-2(x-3) = 0 x2-3x-2x + (3*2) = 0 (x-3)(x-2) = 0 x 2 and 3 Solving equation I: y2 ty-6-0 y2 +3y-2y-6 = 0 y (y+3)-2(y+3) = 0(y+3)(y-2)=0 y -3and 2

  8. -3 2 3 We can clearly see using number line that x is greater than y but x and y have a common point. So the relationship between x and y will be x2y.

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