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6th January 2018: Daily MCQs on Current Affairs for government exams (UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
which is the biggest biosphere reserve of india ?
2 years ago
Ran of kuchchh BR
Naman Verma
2 years ago
gulf of mannar
Ran of Kutch is the biggest BR in india as it covers an area of 12454 sq km where as the gulf of mannar is about 10500 sq km..So Mr. Srivastav sir is 100% right.
Apoorva Rao
2 years ago
1.gulf of kutch (wild ass found here) 12454 sq.kms 2. gulf of mannar part of india extending from rameshwaram to kanyakumari(dugong found here)10500sq.kms 3.sunderbans 9630sq.kms(royal bengal tiger and mangroves) 4.cold desert of himachal pradesh (snow leopard found here)7770sq.kms
Muhammad Ali
2 years ago
this link tells as gulf of mannar...