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27th November 2016 - Law of the Land Summary - Environment Compensation Charge (Green Tax)
Question No : 2 ) Green taxes are excise taxes on environmental pollutants or the goods usage which produces such pollutants. It is also known as “environmental taxes or pollution taxes or echo taxes”. Pollution causes climate changes, impaired health and bad odors which will affect the health mentally and physically. People, with or without knowingly they tend to pollute the environment by day-to-day activities and also the firms in larger sizes. As it needs to be controlled and bring back the pollution free environment, Government levies the polluter as a punishment and which will eventually minimize the usage of goods which produces such pollutants. In India, Green tax is becoming a trend for air pollution, highly impacted area is the Capital, New Delhi. Green tax is levied on vehicles which enters Delhi, As the emission of pollutants are increasing by vehicles. Currently, the green tax is imposed on the vehicles with respect to the size if the vehicles.