Daily News Analysis » March 2024 » Water Crisis in Bengaluru and Neighboring Areas: 20 Mar 2024

Water Crisis in Bengaluru and Neighboring Areas: 20 Mar 2024


  • The metro city of Banglore is facing a severe water crisis.
  • The water crisis is not confined to Bengaluru but affects much of Karnataka and neighboring Telangana and Maharashtra.
  • It’s linked to last year’s monsoon performance and the nature of the region’s aquifers.

Drinking Water Supply in Bengaluru:

  • Half of Bengaluru relies on piped water from reservoirs, while the other half depends on groundwater.
  • Areas reliant on groundwater face more acute shortages.

Causes of Water Shortage:

  • Below-Normal Rainfall: Karnataka received 18% less rainfall than normal last year, impacting water availability.
  • Nature of Aquifers: South India’s rocky aquifers empty and recharge quickly, leading to swift depletion during dry spells.
  • Karnataka’s reservoirs are at 26% capacity, lower than expected for this time of the year.

Long-term Structural Issues:

  • Unregulated construction, destruction of lakes, and climate change contribute to water scarcity but are not immediate triggers for the current crisis.
  • The focus has been on Bengaluru, but rural regions are likely experiencing greater water stress.

Why in News:

  • Recently Bengaluru has been  facing a water crisis, leading to significant shortages in various areas. According to the reports, 223 of the 236 talukas in Karnataka are affected by drought.