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Recently Awarded GI Tags : 6 Mar 2024

Recently, many Geographical Indications (GI) Tags were awarded across the states of India.

Item Region Qualities
Cuttack Rupa Tarakasi – Jewellery Odisha
  • Originis in 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia, known as Telkari work
  • Reached Cuttack from Persia via Indonesia, evidence of trade between Kalinga and Indonesia
  •  Fine craftsmanship, luxurious design
The Banglar muslin – Handloom Craft Bengal
  • Finest cotton, high tensile strength threads
Narasapur crochet lace products Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh
  • Intricate craftsmanship, unique designs, high quality
  • Brought by missionaries to Narsapur
Ratlam Riyawan Lahsun – Garlic variety Riyawan village, Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh
  • Eenowned for its unique quality and high yield, with each bulb containing five to six cloves. 
  • Known for its pungent and robust flavour
  • This garlic variety also boasts a higher oil content compared to others.
Ambaji White Marble Gujarat
  • Pure white color, light grey veins
  • Formed from re-crystallised limestone under intense pressure and heat
Majuli mask Assam
  • Different varieties and sizes, categorized into Mukha bhaona (face mask), Lotokoi (hanging mask), Cho Mukha (huge mask)
Majuli Manuscript Paintings Assam
  • Illustrations of stories from Hindu epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavata Purana
Risa Textile Tripura
  • Handwoven cloth used as a female upper garment.
  • Risa is a part of traditional Tripuri attire that comprises three parts – risa, rignai and rikutu.