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NINZA Short_TRICKs : MOST IMP 30+ Super SHORTCUTs | Ep_2

Apr 19, 2021 • 1h 7m

Akash Shrivastav

424K watch mins

Learn & PRACTICE LIVE with AK Sir, the Tricks & Techniques (JUGAADD) of solving questions of in the JEE Exams in under 50 seconds FASTER & RIGHT. "NINZA - Short Tricks" is for the students of JEE 2021 (to CRACK MAXIMUM Scores in JEE_April'21 with +20 marks) and JEE 2022 (Learning New Ways to Remain Champion). UNLOCK this TRICKS Lec by code : akashjee4u #EXAMs_me_+4_marks_hue_Pakke #JEE_ShortTRICKs #JEE_@_LightningSpeed #JEEMainApril2021

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