Science and Technology




Current Affairs

Bihar Specific Topics


Data Analysis

General Mental Ability


Banking & Finance

Banking In India

Banking Sector

Capital Market

Introduction to Economics

Economics: the Discipline

Role of the State in an Economy

Organising an Economy

Sectors of an Economy

Types of Economies

Evolution of the Indian Economy

Growth & Development


Human Development in India


Government Policy Initiatives

Growth & Development


Fiscal & Monetary Policy

Public Finance in India

Taxation Structure

Fiscal Deficit

Monetary Policy

Inflation & Business Cycle

National Income Accounting

External Sector in India

Balance of Payment (BoP)




Economic Planning

NITI - Aayog

Economic Reforms

History of Economic Reforms

Post-Independence Reforms

Industrial Policy

Economic Concepts & Terminologies

Economic Concepts & Terminologies

Basics of Economics

Meaning Of Economics

Major Branches

Economic Approaches

Economic System

Sectors of Indian Economy

Economic : Growth and Development

Comparison Between Economic Growth vs Economic Development

Measurement of Economic Growth vs Economic Development

Real National Income

Basic Needs Approach

Physical Quality of Life Index- PQLI

Human Development Index- HDI

Gender Gap Index- GGI

Gross National Happiness- GNH

Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index- MPI

Commitment for Reduction Of Inequality- CRI

Primary Sector : Agriculture

Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy

Features of the Indian Agriculture

Cropping Pattern

Non-food Crops

Irrigation Facilities

Types of Fertilizer

Types of Crops

Food Crops

Types of Cultivated Land

Major Food Producer State

Poverty in India

Meaning of Poverty

Causes of Poverty

Historical Approach on Poverty

Types of Poverty

Measurement of Poverty

Major Committee on Poverty Estimation

Economic Planning of India

Meaning of Planning

Meaning of Objective

History of Economic Planning in India

Economic Planning in India After Independence

Planning Commission

National Development Council

NITI Aayog

Five Years Plan

Secondary Sector: Industry

Factors of Production

Industrial Policy

Reserve Industries

Sectors in Which FDI is Not Allowed

Core industries

SEZ- Special Economic Zone

MRTP Act & CCI Act

Sick Industry

Public Sector Units

MSME Sector

Concepts of Industrialisation

Cocepts of Tax

Meaning of Tax


Types of Taxes

Tax Revenue

Non- Tax Revenue

Major Departments of Finance Ministry of India

Progressive Tax

Regressive Tax

Proportional Tax

Degressive Tax

Unemployment in India

Meaning of Unemployment

Causes of Unemployment

Historical Approach on Unemployment

Types of Unemployment

Measurement of Unemployment

Unemployment and Employment Policy

Employment Generation Programmes

Major Policies & Acts

Major Policies & Acts

Features of the Indian Economy

India’s Mixed Economy

Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy

Agricultural and Industrial Area

Fastes Growing Economy

Increasing Population

Unemployment in India

Challenges of Infrastructure in India

Inflation in India

National Income

Gross Domestic Product -GDP

Net Domestic Product - NDP

Gross National Product -GNP

Net National Product -NNP

Measurement of National Income

Per Capita Income

GDP Deflator


Nominal Income

Price and Inflation

Difference Between Price and Value

Meaning of Inflation

Inflation Range in India

Measurement of Inflation

Types of Inflation



Cocepts of Budget

Meaning of Budget

Historical Background of Budget

Fiscal Policy and Its Instrument

Constitutional Approach of Budget

Types of Public Account

Types of Budget

Food Management System in India

Food Corporation of India





National Food Security Act-2013

Food Procurement

Food Distribution

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