Legal Reasoning

General Awareness

Logical Reasoning

English Language

Quantitative Techniques

Constitution of India

Historical Background of Constitution


Fundamental Rights

Directive Principles

Fundamental Duties


Constitutional Bodies

Non Constitutional Bodies

Panchayati Raj Institutions

Emergency Provisions & Amendment

Comprehension Passages

Criminal Law

Definition and Meaning of Crime

Difference b/w Crime and Tort


Criminal Misappropriation of Property

Cruelty Caused by Husband


Criminal Breach of Trust


Criminal Intimidation

Culpable Homicide & Murder

Criminal Conspiracy

Contract Law

ICA 1872

Family Law and Other Imp. Laws

Family Law I

Family Law II

Labour Laws


Right to Information Act

Legal Vocabulary

Intellectual Property Rights

Legal Fundamentals

List of Amendments

Law of Torts

Nature and Concept of Tort

General Principles of Liability

General Defences to an Action

Joint Liability

Extinction of Liability


Legal Remedies in Tort

CPA 1986 - Intro and Importance

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Legal Protection to Consumers

Consumer Amendment Act 2019