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Topics covered for Let's Crack Optionals for TERM 1

Physical Education


Informatics Practices


Home Science


Self & Personality

Introduction to Self

Self & Personality

Concept of Self

Aspects of Self

Culture & Self

Concept of Personality

Approaches to Personality

Assessment of Personality

Psychology & Life


Human Environment Relations

Environmental Effects

Environmental Behaviour

Psychology & Social Concerns

Meeting Life Challenges


Nature of Stress

Effects of Stress

Coping with Stress

Health and Well Being

Psychological Disorders

Introduction to Disorders

Concepts of Abnormality

Classification of Disorders

Factors of Abnormal Behaviour

Major Psychological Disorders

Therapeutic Approaches

Nature of Psychotherapy

Types of Therapies

Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill

Attitude & Social Cognition


Social Behaviour

Nature of Attitudes

Attitude Formation & Change

Prejudice & Discrimination

Ways for Handling Prejudice

Social Cognition

Schemas & Stereotypes

Impression Formation

Other Attributions Behaviours

Behavior in Presence of Others

Pro Social Behaviour

Psychological Attributes

Differences in Human

Assessment of Attributes


Theories of Intelligence

Differences in Intelligence

Culture & Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Special Abilities


Developing Psychological Skills

Affective Psychologists

General Skills

Observational Skills

Specific Skills

Interviewing Skills

Counselling Skills

Group Process


Nature & Formation of Groups

Type of Groups

Group on Individual Behavior

Conform Comply & Obedience

Cooperation & Competition

Social Identity

Intergroup Conflict

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Social Influence

Social Identity

Intergroup Conflict

Conflict Resolution Strategies

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